September Meeting Highlights!

Our first Garden Club of Ocean City, NJ meeting of the season can be described in one word Delicious!  The Salad Luncheon is always a big hit and with approximately 35 salads to chose from—not to mention the wonderful desserts—no one walked away hungry. We had 36 in attendance which included one new member as of the meeting.

We opened our meeting with the Garden Club Prayer, enjoyed our lunch and caught up with fellow members on our summertime activities. Our yearbook was distributed to those present and officers and the executive board were introduced.  Each member was also asked to stand up and introduce themselves to the group.
Members who were not in attendance will receive their Yearbooks at our November 1st meeting.

October Field Trip!

Next on the agenda, were the details of our October 4th field trip—Cape May County Zoo—with Daisy Bodaer, landscaper and chief gardener, as our guide for the tour. Lunch will be held at the Avalon Links Restaurant, the lunch cost is $17.00. Check your email for a link to RSVP. Carpooling will be available.

Horticulture & Artistic

The Horticulture (Fall Roses) and Artistic (Fruits of your Garden) pieces brought by various members were a beautiful addition to our meeting.

Christmas & Gardening…

Again this year, the Club will decorate one of the Christmas trees in the Atrium of the Ocean City Free Public Library. Please dry your hydrangea—or your neighbors’, with permission of course—to celebrate Gardening and Christmas. Kay Reilly provided tips for drying and storing the flowers. If you are drying flowers, the tentative plan is to bring them to our November meeting. You’ll be updated on the specifics closer to our meeting date.

We hope you had a great time at our first meeting and will enjoy our upcoming meetings and events!

See you in October at the Cape May Zoo!

Welcome Back! September Meeting…

The summer is waning, Hermine out to sea…now it’s time to get together to share the love and learning of flora and fauna!

When: SEPTEMBER 6, 2016 at 12 Noon

Where: Holy Trinity Church, 30th and Bay, OCNJ


  • Receive 2016-2017 Yearbook.
  • Review of the upcoming year’s programs.

Horticulture—Fall Roses

Artistic—Fruits of your garden 

SALAD LUNCHEON—Bring a salad to serve 5 (five). Beverages will be provided.

DESSERTS: Officers will bring desserts.

See You in September!

September 2016 Meeting

Enjoy your summer and look forward to the exciting 2016-2017 Garden Club of Ocean City New Jersey’s Meetings & Programs!

When: September 6, 2016 @ Noon.

Where: Holy Trinity Church, 3oth and Bay Avenue, OCNJ

More info to follow…



June 7 2016—Members’ Appreciation Tea!

All Garden Club of Ocean City Members (only) are cordially invited to attend our June 7 Members’ Appreciation Tea! The tea is designed to thank you for your loyal membership & participation, your lively conversation, your camaraderie, your creative contributions, and your delicious desserts!

Your RSVP is must!

To RSVP, please click on this link:


Catered tea sponsored by the Garden Club of Ocean City, NJ thanking our members for sharing your talents and for your continued support!

Please Bring: A tea cup, saucer, teaspoon, plate, fork, & napkin.

Where and When: JUNE 7, 2016—HOLY TRINITY CHURCH—12 NOON

May 3, 2016 Brown Bag Meeting & Girls’ Night OUT!

Girls Night Out—Spaces still available.
Where: Ocean City Fine Arts League, 608 Asbury Avenue, OCNJ, Phone: (609) 814-0308
When: Wednesday, April 27, 6 to 8 PM. Learn about and hands-on with Mosaics!
Contact: Kathy—(609) 391-0265

May Brown Bag Meeting

When: MAY 3, 2016, Noon
Where: Holy Trinity Church, 30th and Bay Avenue, OCNJ

Noted floral arranger, Jane Petransky, will discuss various styles in floral arranging.
To view different flower arranging styles, go to: and search for the March 18, 2015 post or view on our FLICKR page/album:


Flower Arrange-OFF—Cheryl Kelchner and Angel Smith will collaborate with two members who will be given a vessel, flowers, fillers, and time to arrange the flowers. Discussion of finished products with creators and viewers will ensue.

Desserts: Officers will bring desserts.


Hello, everyone!

Oh, Spring weather cannot come too soon! Get ready for another fantastic presentation. See you on April 5, 2016, Holy Trinity Church, 30th and Bay, OCNJ at noon. Bring your lunch and enjoy the delicious desserts provided by those listed below…

APRIL 5, 2016

Greeter(s): Evelyn Hanly & Denise Szymanski

Presenter—Nicole Lamb
Always informative and delightful, Nicole will guide us on what it takes to create the perfect Dish or Fairy Garden.

Horticulture—Ferns & Shade Plants
 Artistic—Spring Arrangement


Save the DATE!
Girls Night OutWhere & When: Ocean City Fine Arts League—Wednesday, April 27, 6 to 8 PM. Learn about and hands-on with Mosaics! More info to follow!

Ocean City Flower Show Patron Pages…

SHOW YOUR SUPPORT! PATRONS—$25.00 OR $10.00. Download Patron Page and bring to our meeting! PATRON2016

Flower Show Tips—March Meeting Re-Cap!

Jane Bersch—Head Judge, Ocean City Flower Show 

Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 9.52.10 AM.png

Our March meeting was yet ANOTHER fantastic session. Jane Bersch, newly appointed Head Judge for the Ocean City Flower Show, provided the attendees with valuable insight, tips, and sage advice on creating YOUR winning entry in the 44th Annual Ocean City Flower ShowIsland Hopping!

When Jane asked for the Schedule, Joanne Romano told her she would go on at 12:30…No, not that…the Schedule. Huh? Well, after translation of Flower Judge language, Jane informed us the SCHEDULE is the name for what we may know as, *Pre-Program/Program. Now informed, we go forward and refer to the above* as, Schedule. At the end of this post, you will find the updated 2016 SCHEDULE! Strong words of advice from Jane—READ IT THOROUGHLY!

As invited/requested/coerced, several Garden Club members brought examples of Artistic Design entries based on Island Hopping, the 2016 Ocean City Flower Show theme. The intent was to have Jane critique these for exhibitors and for anyone interested in design. The experience was informative, educational, and fun for both the entrants and the attendees! Specific recommendations along with the entries appear below. Pictures of the designs can be found on our FLICKR page:

Jane began her presentation by reminding the attendees of the principles/elements one needs to employ as one creates Artistic Design entries.

  • BalanceDoes the entry look sturdy
  • ContrastColors
  • DominanceRepeat something, but do not overwhelm
  • ProportionWhat is the relationship of the amounts of different flowers, foliage
  • ScaleSize, very important especially in miniature entries
  • RhythmLook at the flow of the design
  • Repetitionrepeat the flowers, etc. adhering to all above
  • DepthIs the design 3 dimensional—height, width, depth are very important


  • Less is best
  • Do a dry run
    • Create, walk away and then re-think
  • Squint to see what stands out…Ask yourself, “Is that the effect you want?”

Overall, the judges are looking at how the designer put it all together to create the entry!

Water Viewing Examples

Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 9.52.30 AM.png

  • Accessories and bases must help the design
  • For water viewing balance, make sure the container is low-sided with water visible
    • Use anything, even plastic as long as there is rhythm, space
  • FOR ALL PLANTS/FLOWERS: Condition material. Bring home and re-cut

Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 9.52.39 AM.pngNote Balance—Jane suggested as one looks at the arrangement, the eye travels to the top Gerbera daisy, which makes the design feel top-heavy. Another note: Gerbera Daisies are hard to work with. They need to be tubed and are unreliable.




Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 9.52.48 AM

We all loved the lilies…we loved the smell—even those who have allergies! As we learned from the other water viewing arrangements and the general principles, these lilies overwhelmed the container.

So, Rae Jaffe asked Jane how she would suggest improving this arrangement…

Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 9.53.10 AM

Well, we had the privilege of watching Jane, along with Kay, remove & rearrange the design.

As Jane was re-designing, she emphasized the need to…get rid of pollen inside lilies IMMEDIATELY…They stain!


Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 9.53.23 AMThe design is simple, yet elegant, balanced and surely a Winner!

Everything Green

Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 9.53.00 AM


  • Mass design—Rule container should be  1/3 the size of the arrangement
  • Make sure you look at all sides and fill the back—Dimension
  • Various green flowers and foliage make this a winner!





  • Pay attention to the size—5″
  • Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 9.53.56 AM Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 9.53.45 AM
  • Proportion is important—more flowers needed in the blue bird container



Unfortunately, there is no picture of the Nantucket Basket arrangement generously submitted by Joan Ferko. Jane cautioned—height should be one and one-half (1 1/2)  times the container. Since the basket had a seashell on the one-side, Jane stated, “…no need to have that.” The Nantucket Basket without embellishment conveys the theme—As in the Tea Tray critique—no cutesy!

Shadow Boxes/Niches

  • Make sure your arrangement creates harmony and everything belongs together.
  • Coordinate your arrangement with color of container

Tea Tray—General Reminder: Do NOT overcrowd the Tea Tray

Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 9.54.15 AM

What’s wrong with this Tea Tray?

  • Napkin holders are a BIG No-No!
    • Instead—Consider tying the napkin with a ribbon
  • Close eyes, then open, what is the first thing you see: dark flower. This takes away from the overall design. All yellow is enough.
  • Coordinate everything—while tea cup had blue design, it was a different pattern than the teapot. Color alone is not the deciding factor.
  • The sand-filled item flowing from the teapot spout was…well, cutesyBIG no-no…
  • RHYTHM move items closer together to create a line…the end result was a triangle with the napkin angled right, the tea cup in the middle, the teapot moved closer and angled more to the left.

Flowers are the FOCUS—Anything and everything must work with design!

Jane noted not only Artistic Design but Horticulture entries need special attention.

  • Look at the mechanics that holds up or support material. It should be hidden.
  • Can use colored wire, oasis
  • Fruits/vegetables must be sealed
  • Cut specimens in morning or late in evening and re-cut on an angle. Don’t forget to  wipe scissors with alcohol
  • Nothing with any bugs, bug damage
  • Use judicious pruning
  • Cut roses and hydrangeas under water.
    • Rose buds are NOT acceptable entry
    • Hybrid tea roses should be 1/2 to 3/4 open NOT exploded out
    • Rose spray should form a circle
  • Ivy and hosta should be submerged in water to keep fresh
  • Make sure there is symmetry in African Violets & lots of flowers in bloom
  • Fresh herbs—Cut specimens must be identified
    • Turgid must stand up and be noticed
    • Must be fresh
  • Container plant material must be clean
    • Trim any damage
  • Terrariums—may contain 1 or more accessories
  • Fairy Gardens—miniature landscape in open container
  • Planter/Window Box—is NOT a landscape
    • Should be planted 3 months in advance so plants get to know one another
    • Well-spaced
    • Straight standing
    • Colors must work and meld together



As you think, dream, & create your winning design or horticulture entry, please consider placing a Patron Ad. The form is in the Schedule below (can be downloaded) or click on the link to download a copy: PATRON2016

Thanks, in advance, for your support!



Here it is! You have 2 ways to view:

Download a copy here: SCHEDULE2016


Click through the online Issuu below…