New Year, New Inspirations

The year 2012 will not be easily forgotten. For all of us, and especially for those still picking up the pieces from Sandy, we hope 2013 brings quick and meaningful solutions to all our challenges.

Join US!

Our January Bag Lunch & Meeting:
Date—January 8, 2013
Time—12 Noon
Place—Holy Trinity Church, 30th and Bay Avenue, Ocean City, NJ

PROGRAM: Forcing Spring Bulbs in Pots
A hands-on project with Master Gardener, Ann Cinquina, who will demonstrate the method of layering a variety of bulbs.

Please bring:

  1. A pot approximately 10 inches deep with a fairly wide opening.
  2. A bag of potting soil and a small spade or large spoon.
  3. The Garden Club will supply the bulbs!

Horticulture—Indoor plant  Artistic—Your choice  Desserts—A-G

See you then!

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