February Bag Lunch & Meeting

February—One month closer to Spring!


Volunteer Needed!

A volunteer or volunteers are needed to oversee the Memorial Garden.

Books, Crayons, Coloring Books for Shore Medical Center

Jeanne Robinson graciously continues to deliver your generous gifts to Shore Medical Center. Please bring to any meeting or contact Jeanne.

February Bag Lunch & Meeting:


Lady’s Mantle

Date—February 5, 2013
Time—12 Noon
Place—Holy Trinity Church, 30th and Bay Avenue, Ocean City, NJ

PROGRAM: BattleStar Backyardia—How to Deal with Invasive Plant Species

Pat Sutton—Backyard Habitat Educator—will share her knowledge surrounding invasive plants!

Philadelphia Flower Show

If you will be joining us for our trip to the Philadelphia Flower Show, please be prepared to pay for your ticket at this meeting—$45.00.

Horticulture—Non-flowering house plant

Artistic—Miniature arrangement—5 inches or smaller


See you then!


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