From Who Knew…to NOW We Know!


Did you know…Queen Anne’s Lace is a weed? Well, yes, you probably did, but did you know Queen Anne’s Lace is really a CARROT? Pull up a piece and there is a carrot underground somewhere. For Real…Who knew? This and other who knew facts were shared by Pat Sutton, Habitat Educator, at the February Meeting. Attendees were enthralled with her presentation: Battlestar Backyardia—How to Deal with Invasive Plant Species during which Pat shared the journey and history of Queen Anne’s Lace—which originated in Europe, BTW—and other plants we commonly see in our landscapes—Sweet Autumn Clematis, Butterfly Bush—that have moved from nice to look at to…invasive plants that can destroy a habitat—sometimes very quickly. Of course, Pat shared alternatives to the invaders!

As we plan our Post-Sandy gardens and look for replacements for those plants that did not survive, Pat’s information was very timely. Click: Gardening Tips to view a list of some of the resources Pat shared.

To learn more about Pat and her continuing work, visit:

Thanks, Pat, for a very informative session!

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