From Hunting & Gathering to Creative Expression

HelenWhile our March venue was changed to the Ocean City Free Library, the move afforded our presenter, Helen Pettengill—self-proclaimed hunter-gatherer—with a great demonstration and viewing space. Helen, who has a degree in Horticulture from Temple University, delighted us with pictures of her Farmlette in Bridgeton, NJ, and the unique designs she has created for various clients and events.

We also were mesmerized as we watched Helen create the centerpiece (top right) on the spot using that tall, crystal base, some Cling tape (available at Michael’s), some gathered twigs, berries, leaves, and a Cyclamen.

To further nudge our own creativity, Helen, who admitted to disliking Liatris, challenged herself to use a discounted vase bought at Anthropologie, and other items from her gatherings to turn her not so liked flowers into yet another creative arrangement (top left).

Helen shared her love of Hydrangealive and dried—and how it can act like oasis allowing items to be inserted into it. I don’t suppose any of us will ever look at a flower, leaf, twig, or berry the same way again. Oh, imagine the possibilities for your next centerpiece!

To see more of Helen’s designs, visit:


The Little Show

Horticulture: Early Spring Offerings


Kay Reilly piqued everyone’s interest by encouraging us to take some flowering branch clippings and place them in water to force them into bloom. As the past two days have provided a wintery mix, this just might be the thing to help hurry spring our way!

Artistic: Think Outside the Box


Gardeners, gather your tools. Spring is nigh!

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