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Camelia, Lilies, Chrysanthemums

Camelia, Lilies, Chrysanthemums

Learning something new brings out the aha in us all. And so it was as we watched our speaker, Mariko Ono, who is trained in the Sogetsu School of Ikebana, take various elements—vases, branches, flowers, and gutter wire, YES, gutter wire—to create several interesting and beautiful arrangements.

From the Sogetsu website…

Sogetsu School of ikebana believes that anyone can arrange ikebana anywhere, and with almost anything. Plants are beautiful as they are. But with people’s help, they can be arranged in an effective style to be even more appreciated. A Japanese theory of flower arranging has philosophy which brightens, colors, and gives life to our environment.

It was fascinating to watch Mariko work as she created beautiful arrangements from what we would think is the back!


The Little Show



Cecelia Unrath‘s Gift of Daffodils!

In the Artistic arena, Spring Arrangements provided many delights. The beautiful daffodils given to Cheryl Kelchner by Cecelia Unrath gently brings us to the realization that on the gloomiest day in April daffodils brighten the landscape…and our mood!

Joan Shaw’s hellebores remind us of the beautiful plants that bloom in winter!


Joan Shaw—Hellebores

Marge Roth’s spirit brightening

African Violet

Marge Roth—African Violet


Remember those bulbs we planted in January? Well, look at Marge’s. Her secret…Marge moved them indoors. How are yours doing?….

Blooming Bulbs

Angel Smith‘s arrangement allows us as adults to remember the time when searching for Easter Eggs was the highlight of our Easter morning…

Angel Smith—Cabbage Flower, daffodils, and an Easter Egg!

Angel Smith—Cabbage Flower, daffodils, and an Easter Egg!

When you take the time to look around your house, you might just come upon that ever present gem that begs to support your latest flower arrangement…Kay’s little yellow bird…

Kay Reilly—Statice, daffodils, and a little yellow bird.

Kay Reilly—Statice, daffodils, and a little yellow bird.

Lorraine Scott shared her daffodils nestled in a vase with a beautiful saying from St. Therese, The Little Flower.

little flower vase

Lorraine Scott—Daffodils in Little Flower Vase

Marge Roth didn’t have to use any magic with her branches. We can all appreciate the beauty of nature’s display!

Willow Branches

Marge Roth‘s Curly and Pussy Willow Branches

As Cheryl Kelchner always tries to demonstrate the theme of the month, Cheryl shared her pretty arrangement of Cherry Blossoms in a slate holder.


Cheryl Kelcher and Cherry Blossom Ikebana


This month’s Horticulture focus was on Garden Bulb. Kay Reilly‘s interpretation reminds us how taking a bulb and placing it in water is a wonderful way to watch things grow!

bulb in water

Kay Reilly‘s Hyacinth bulb in water!

In addition to the inspirational displays, Kay Reilly and Joan Shaw shared the Ocean City June Flower Show booklet. We are all invited to enter. Good luck to all!

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