We were transported to a bygone era when afternoon tea was the norm in some social circles. For those in attendance, the many smiles were the barometer of appreciation of all things beautiful and clever. Thus was the May Tea Table Presentation.

Our senses were treated to unique interpretations of the Months of the Year. Tea cups, saucers, beautiful plates, gleaming silver teaspoons and forks lovingly surrounded the focus of the Tea Table—the Centerpiece. Presentations ranged from the old-fashioned Tussie Mussie to Fireworks. Every group beamed with pride as they shared their unique representation.tea tables

The May Tea Table is not only an occasion for members to relax and enjoy a long ago daily ritual…this was an opportunity for our members to design a floral display that might be entered in the Ocean City Flower Show. Kay Reilly and Joan Shaw constructively critiqued each table display and offered experienced advice—acknowledging the highlights of the display and pointing out what the judges would be looking for. This learning opportunity surely boosted the confidence of our members to sign up and enter the flower show!

We had the opportunity to choose our own tea and Kay Reilly poured for everyone from her beautiful silver tea pot. Tea sandwiches and delicious desserts accompanied the cup of tea. Joe Alvarez shared his wisdom about our post-Sandy gardens and answered our most burning questions. Look for Joe at the Ocean City Flower Show. He will be sharing more of his insights with attendees.

Yes, it was a you had to be there moment in time, but for those who were, it was a unique experience when the stresses of the day fade away and the focus is on appreciating each other and the gifts and talents we share toward making this Garden Club a well worth the time organization!

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