January 2014 Meeting Re-Cap!

LizInclement weather, a re-scheduled meeting, then a rainy Tuesday…nothing could stop  the 27 Garden Club members who came to socialize and to listen to Liz Donaghy—The Garden Goddess—on the 2014 Gardening Trends.

  1. Ground UP—recycling and composting
  2. Super Foods—Dandelions move from the Italian table to edibles for the rest of us!
  3. Drink Your Garden—Growing berries to use in smoothies, cocktails… DeniseBarbaraGeorgi
  4. Dress Up Your Yard—Liz asked us to think about our gardens as another room!
  5. Bee-nificials—We’re probably aware of the need for bees. Plant native, pollen rich flowers for our flying friends!
  6. Cultur-vating—Mix cultures with the local environment.
  7. Simple Elegance–One color in a container, etc.
  8. Frac’d Up—Neat lines are mixing with triangles, circles…
  9. Young Men Get Down and Dirty—Grilling and growing their hops for beers and taking the kids out to play in the dirt.
  10. Think Gardens—Indoor plants are said to make us smarter, more productive.
  11. Fingertip Gardens—Check out mobile apps for designing and maintaining your garden!
  12. Tree-mendous Reversal—Plant more trees!

Adapted from 2014 Garden Trends Report. http://www.gardenmediagroup.com/clients/client-news/348-gmg-unveils-2014-trends
Download a copy of the full report: http://goo.gl/XEvL1E


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