February 4, 2014 Meeting UPDATE

Our February Meeting was a real learning opportunity…from the beautiful Little Show with interpretations based on the Language of Flowers to the lively, informative, and downright practical presentation by Beth Davis, Waldor Orchids, who informed us…all with mouths agape that Orchids are really just houseplants! Who knew?

Attendees enjoyed learning the meanings of their own birth month/day flower, its meaning and motto. Consensus—flowers may have several meanings depending on the culture, era.

Favorite Flower—We (24 attendees) completed a survey for our favorite flowers and the most mentioned flower: Rose

Birth Month/Day/Sign
Another survey surrounding attendees’ birthdays resulted in a Tie!
Five (5) Attendees were born on or between these dates: April 20-May 19—Astrological sign—Taurus; Flower—PoppyMotto I provide beauty to your senses.
Five (5) Attendees were born on or between these dates: October 23-November 21—Astrological sign—Sagittarius; Flower—Chrysanthemum—Motto—My mysteries are forever unfolding.

And, while we may have thought the Victorians were the only ones who used flowers to communicate, Shakespeare included messages in his works!
To learn more about the meanings of flowers, click the links below. WARNING: you might just get lost on this virtual journey!

Zodiac flower signs: http://www.whats-your-sign.com/zodiac-flower-signs.html

Shakespeare and flowers: http://huntingtonbotanical.org/Shakespeare/ophelia.htm

A list of flowers and their meanings:



The color of flowers and their meaning: http://www.whats-your-sign.com/meaning-of-flower-colors.html

The meanings of flowers—extensive list: http://marriage.about.com/od/flowers/a/flowermean.htm

All About the Orchids

Our Main speaker, Beth Davis, Waldor Orchids, delighted us with her background growing up in a family dedicated to orchids. Beth is third generation in this business, but the business will surely go on as her son accompanied her! Beth related how as a kid…she knew the Latin names for the flowers!

Beth informed us that Orchids are, well, just houseplants. Imagine the sigh of relief, wonder, and heightened enthusiasm about orchids. Those who may have thought orchids were delicate, now have a reason to purchase and nurture!

Stressing several points for successful Orchid growing, Beth told us about proper Light, Water, Fertilizer, and Temperature.

1. Light—sunlight—Eastern morning sun is good for Moth orchids, Lady Slipper, while South facing windows are perfect for Cattleya.

2. Water—Water orchids in the sink with the following method: Soak plant, let it drain fully, repeat 3 times! Wet, dry, wet dry, wet dry…completely!

Beth debunked the 3 ice cube method…no need to explain as it is NOT something we should be doing TO our orchids!

3. Fertilizer—Use any balanced fertilizer. Fertilize on watering day after last watering/drying. If your orchids are outside, you may top dress with Osmocote.

4. Temperature—Orchids do not thrive in temperatures below 55 degrees. Orchids do like humidity between 40-60%.

Don’t forget, you may view photos from our meetings on our FLICKR page: http://www.flickr.com/photos/96910974@N02/

Fun & enlightening…we thank Beth for sharing her insight, wisdom, and experience with us!

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