March Meeting—UPDate!

Tea Table Guidelines

Once again, the weather caused us to move our regularly scheduled meeting one week later. While it may have been inconvenient for some, Cherylthe re-scheduled meeting was filled with practical information surrounding the April Tea and Tablescapes. Cheryl Kelchner and Angel Smith guided us through the DOs and DONT’s to ensure a pleasing and creative centerpiece!

DOs & DON’Ts

The use of an undercloth, tablecloth, or placemats works to enhance the tablescape. Choosing the height of the vessel is critical so that everyone seated at the table can see each other and not be hindered by a tall vessel or flowers.

Height Tip

A guideline is to place your arm on the table in a vertical position. Then, bend your wrist so your hand is horizontal. Next, place your chin on the back of your hand. You should be able to see across the table. So, the height of the vessels with flowers should be no higher!


The theme for our tea tables is based on the theme for the 2014 Ocean City Flower Show—O’ FOR A BOOK AND A SHADY NOOK.  Collaborators are asked to choose a book and create an arrangement based on their interpretation of the book. Inspiration, creativity, collaboration, learning, fun, and an afternoon tea—what a wonderful way to spend a Tuesday afternoon!

Centerpiece Designs

Cheryl used posters she had created as guidelines for various arrangements. These posters depicted the shape of the arrangement and the 3 different types of flowers and companions—Lines, Focal, and Filler.

Poster Arrangement Examples









  • As we collaborate on the arrangements, Kay Reilly reminded us to: Spend money on your FLOWERS, not STICKS!
  • Shop the day before the tea, if possible
  • Condition, condition, condition the flowers…this means…Have room temperature water ready; recut the stems under water; let the flowers stay about 6 hrs. before you make your arrangements
  • If putting your flowers in a refrigerator, make sure there are no fruits or vegetables…these give off gases that will cause flowers to brown/wilt
  • Several books on Flower Arranging are available at the Ocean City Free Public Library


  • And, don’t forget Pinterest
    your visual display board. Do a search for flower arranging, flower arrangement, any combination and you will get lots of inspiration!

Ocean City Flower Show Artistic Design 

While we were thinking about our tea tables with an eye toward the Ocean City Flower Show, we all received a copy of the draft of the Artistic Design Division…


Click the link <DRAFTARTISTIC> for your copy and get your creative juices flowing! Seriously consider entering! DRAFTARTISTIC

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