September 2, 2014 Meeting!

Goodbye Summer—Welcome Back, Gardeners!


WHEN & WHERE: 12 Noon, Holy Trinity Church, 30th and Bay Avenue.

SALAD LUNCHEON—Bring a salad to serve 5 (five)
Beverages will be provided.

DESSERTS: Officers will bring desserts.

Welcome, all!


  • Container Swap—Use your imagination…search your attic, your garage, your garden bench for a container or vase you are willing to give away. And, in return…Join in the fun as we swap those treasures. Walk away with a different, gently used vessel for your flower arrangements!
  • Receive2014-2015 Yearbook
  • Review—The upcoming year’s programs, changes, additions, & opportunities to share and get to know…even better...the fun and funny members of The Garden Club of Ocean City!

Horticulture—Garden clipping

Artistic—Arrangement using the flowers  from your garden


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