2015 Ocean City Flower Show…A Show to Remember!

Chic to Chic—Flowers and Fashion, the 2015 Ocean City Flower Show—is now a delightful memory. It was a collaboration among many—Garden Club and community members who loaned designer clothing, shoes, handbags, the Ocean City Historical Museum through the loan of a display case and dress forms, mannequins, the Garden Club and community members who set up, volunteered to clerk, hostess, break down the show; and, the many exhibitors whose interpretations of the show theme was pure inspiration…and, of course, the city administration, staff, Music Pier workers who helped make the show run smoothly!


All the winners of the show can be found on this site. To view, click the links below:

2015 Ocean City Flower Show Special Awards

Artistic Design and Horticulture Winners

or click on the pages in the navigation bar at the top of this page.

2015 Ocean City Flower Show Pictures!

The show is a memory, but you can relive it and share it with your friends and family by scrolling through our FLICKR page…To view over 142 pictures from the 2015 Flower Show, visit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/96910974@N02/

Want to know the requirements for entering?…click through the program booklet…


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