Gardening DIY

Step-by-Step Terrarium!

Easy directions for creating the perfect terrarium.


posted July 23, 2013

via Pinterest

DividerA Living Arrangement

Check out this step-by-step guide to creating a beautiful arrangement using both potted plants and flowers from your garden!


posted: July 23, 2013


Bird Bath/Vertical Planter

So, here’s a variation on the theme—Grow UP! This vertical planner is free standing and adds the bonus of a bird bath or feeder!


posted: May 2, 2013

Via Pinterest


Grow UP!

When space is at a premium, the happy gardener looks to vertical planting. Here is a step-by-step plan to make your own upwardly growing garden!growingup

posted: April 30, 2013

From the twitter feed (April 18): sweetjoanne2


A Gift That Keeps on Growing!

This super easy part planter/part vase might just be the perfect gift for your favorite flower and plant lover!plantervase

posted: April 30, 2013

From the twitter feed (April 13): sweetjoanne2


Mini-Gardens—4 Clever Ideas

minigardenSome people can grow anything, anywhere! Check out these DIY mini-gardens.

posted: February 14, 2013


Creating a Garden Mosaic

As we wait patiently for Spring, here’s a step-by-step guide on sprucing up your pot(s). Gather your materials and let the creative juices flow!



The Garden Sink

You might not need a garden sink, but after you view these creative ideas you might just think about making your own!


Garden Bench from Recycled items!

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