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Here’s hoping 2017 brings you health and happiness!

Our next Bag Lunch will be held on January 3, 2017 at 12 Noon, Holy Trinity Church, 30th & Bay Ave., OCNJ

PROGRAM—SEEDY BUSINESS—Discussion and Slide Show surrounding…
Plants That Do Best When Grown From Seed

Horticulture—African Violets

Artistic—Holiday Leftovers



September Meeting Highlights!

Our first Garden Club of Ocean City, NJ meeting of the season can be described in one word Delicious!  The Salad Luncheon is always a big hit and with approximately 35 salads to chose from—not to mention the wonderful desserts—no one walked away hungry. We had 36 in attendance which included one new member as of the meeting.

We opened our meeting with the Garden Club Prayer, enjoyed our lunch and caught up with fellow members on our summertime activities. Our yearbook was distributed to those present and officers and the executive board were introduced.  Each member was also asked to stand up and introduce themselves to the group.
Members who were not in attendance will receive their Yearbooks at our November 1st meeting.

October Field Trip!

Next on the agenda, were the details of our October 4th field trip—Cape May County Zoo—with Daisy Bodaer, landscaper and chief gardener, as our guide for the tour. Lunch will be held at the Avalon Links Restaurant, the lunch cost is $17.00. Check your email for a link to RSVP. Carpooling will be available.

Horticulture & Artistic

The Horticulture (Fall Roses) and Artistic (Fruits of your Garden) pieces brought by various members were a beautiful addition to our meeting.

Christmas & Gardening…

Again this year, the Club will decorate one of the Christmas trees in the Atrium of the Ocean City Free Public Library. Please dry your hydrangea—or your neighbors’, with permission of course—to celebrate Gardening and Christmas. Kay Reilly provided tips for drying and storing the flowers. If you are drying flowers, the tentative plan is to bring them to our November meeting. You’ll be updated on the specifics closer to our meeting date.

We hope you had a great time at our first meeting and will enjoy our upcoming meetings and events!

See you in October at the Cape May Zoo!

November Meeting UPdate!

George Butrus, Linwood Arboretum

The November 3, 2015 meeting was packed with great information about plants and planting on our little island by the sea. Our presenter George Butrus, Linwood Arboretum & Lang’s Garden Center,  shared Seashore Gardening insights, information, and some aha! moments.

George’s Tips! GeorgeButrus

Most of us have had some experience with the after-effects of Hurricane Sandy…the damage a storm can do to our plants. Weather forecasters warn us early enough…so,

George says

  • If you know a storm is coming saturate the ground prior!
  • Pines drop second year needles in the inside in the fall, so don’t worry about the browning…

We need to think about and change our ways of planting. Consider…

  • Red Cedar
  • Native plants
  • Rose of Sharon, hardy Hibiscus—both are salt tolerant
  • Bradford Pears are probably the most over-planted tree along the coast. There is a fungus disease that hits leaves; they are becoming fertile, bearing fruit, and choking out the red cedar! Lang’s Garden Center hasn’t carried them for some time…
  • Impatiens also have suffered from fungus…choose New Guinea Impatiens, instead…
  • Goldenrod
  • Butterfly weed
  • Plant in the FALL; best time for the seashore
  • Use Organic compost, mulch
  • Explore herbs—they love the seashore environment
  • Some of us may like Instant Garden, but…
    • Starting out smaller is better so plant can adapt to new environment
    • Choose a 1-2 gallon vs. 5-7 gallon pot

Crape Murder

Guilty, your honor! While cutting back your Crape Myrtle doesn’t harm it, George has seen many crape myrtles repeatedly cut back to the same spot…thus, producing knuckle-like starting points for the next year’s growth…referred to in the industry as…Crape Murder! So, perhaps, next year you might consider pruning your beautiful Crape Myrtle at a different spot!


CC-BY-SA-3.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/)%5D, via Wikimedia Commons

Have a question about a plant?

Get a smartphone, snap a picture and text it to George!

And finally…Where have all the honey bees gone

  • Growers are using genetically engineered seed to thwart weeds resulting in fewer honey bees…

Informative, inspiring, enjoyable…a perfect way to spend an afternoon. Thanks, George!


September 2015 Meeting Recap!

Our September meeting was filled with new ideas, new ways of doing things, and…new Faces! We are excited to welcome 6 new members to our very, lively group of gardening enthusiasts.

Revised Meetings

We’ve revamped our meetings so presenters will be first up…here are the details…

  • 12 noon to 12:30—Sign in, Lunch, Socialize
  • 12:30 to 1:15—Presenter
  • 1:15 to 1:30—Horticulture & Artistic Design (formerly Little Show)
  • 1:30 to 1:45/2:00 PM—Formal Meeting
  • 2:00 PM—Meeting adjourned

There is some flexibility with the Horticulture & Artistic Design/Formal Meeting segments as you know we are a curious and questioning group. This is what makes our meetings so informative! That said, we want to try to end our meetings by 2:00 PM. Here’s hoping we will leave each meeting filled with information and new and deepening friendships!

Show Me Your Ribbons…

Those who remembered pinned their 2015 winning ribbons and comment cards to foam board. This was just a small way to show…we all have the opportunity to enter and win in the annual Ocean City Flower Show. Of course, Kay Reilly displayed many awards and ribbons. The vases for recognition, the dishes…everything was beautiful and so well deserved. As Kay reminded us all…she entered, learned, and won with no formal background…a model for us all.

Artistic Design

As you know, the Garden Club will decorate one of the Christmas trees in the Atrium of the driedhydrangeaOcean City Free Public Library this December. Many are drying flowers, in particular, hydrangea to celebrate Gardening and Christmas. Kay Reilly brought dried hydrangea and provided tips for drying and storing the flowers. One tip for transport and storage is to place the dried flowers between sheets of tissue paper. Decisions on whether to spray the dried flowers or leave au naturel, and whether to add ribbon are still being discussed. If you are drying flowers, the tentative plan is to bring them to our November meeting. You’ll be updated on the specifics closer to our meeting date.


Donna Halper provided some very interesting information on what most of us thought was a Leafcutterbeesthreat to roses—Leafcutter bees. While they chomp on rose leaves, they do little or no damage to the plant! More information about these beneficial garden visitors can be found on Colorado State University’s website:


Also, download the 2 page Leafcutter bee information here: Leafcutter_Bees

October Field Trip Clarification

You’ve probably heard the old saying, “There’s no such thing as a free lunch.” Well, for our post-Linwood Arboretum Lunch in October lunch, this is literally true! The tour is free, but…when someone asked what was the cost, we believe some may have misinterpreted the response of, “nothing” to mean even lunch was free…Oh, no…below is a clarification that will appear in the revised Yearbook. Your cost for lunch will be whatever you order from the menu, plus tax and tip. Most lunch items are about $12-$13. The Garden Club is NOT paying for your lunch.


10:30 AM—1410 Wabash Avenue, Linwood, NJ
Join us for an informative tour of this almost local horticulture gem.
Meet at Holy Trinity Church 10:15 AM for carpooling.

LunchRoberta’s by Joe Muldoon—1205 Tilton Rd. Suite 12B, Northfield, NJ
Your Cost—Whatever you select from the Menu plus tax & tip

Our new members will receive their Yearbooks at our November meeting. The revised yearbook will be sent via email with instructions on how to carry it with you on your smartphone <grin>.

We hope you had a great time at our first meeting and will enjoy our upcoming meetings and events!




May 5 Bag Lunch & Meeting!

While the calendar says, Spring, the temperatures are screaming Winter. Well, one cure for this cold Weather is our next Garden Club Meeting. Please join us…

WHEN: MAY 5, 2015, 12 NOON.
WHERE: Holy Trinity Church, 30th and Bay Avenue, OCNJ

Mary Burgents—Presentation on Daylilies—Seeds and plants available for purchase.


HorticulturePlant grown from seed
Artistic—Arrangement of Spring Flowers
Desserts: L – P

May Greeter: Joan Lukens

Dues are well, DUE! $25.00 Please see Marge Roth

Please pay for June 9 Luncheon—Greate Bay Country Club—$30.00


We need spillers for the pots we voted to fill at the Shores. If you have vinca, ivy, creeping jenny or any other trailing plant that needs dividing, please bring it to the May meeting or call Angel Smith. We also need 5 or 6 members who would help with the planting. Of course, your ideas, as well as, plants are most welcome! We will get a tour on the location of the pots hopefully on Wednesday, May 6—Time TBD. The pots are waist high so there is no problem getting to them. Thanks for your help!

Ocean City 2015 Flower Show NEEDS YOU!

Please take a moment to view the previous post on how and why your inspiration and talent are needed for the upcoming Ocean City Flower Show—May 28, 29, 30. Visit the call for participation via this link: Ocean City Pre-Program.

While the information has appeared in the newspapers, we still need your Help to get the word out…tell your friends and neighbors! Make this year’s Ocean City Flower Show YOUR year!

Scroll through last year’s winning entries on FLICKR: https://www.flickr.com/photos/96910974@N02/sets/72157647432809995/


It’s true! Spring is here, finally, & our April Bag Lunch and meeting…

Where: Holy Trinity Church, 30th and Bay, OCNJ

When: April 7, 2015 at Noon



Seashore Gardening
Joe Alvarez—Manager, Marlboro Farm Market

Joe asks us to bring seed catalogs. To order FREE seed catalogs, click the link and choose from the extensive list: http://www.tomorrowsgarden.net/node/17

Horticulture      Early Spring Garden Clippings

Artistic   Everything Greengreen flowers and foliage


Please plan to pay your 2015 – 2016 dues ($25.00)

The Flower Show is coming up…Get your creative juices flowing!

Click on over to view the…Artistic Categories—2015 Ocean City Flower Show  http://wp.me/p31VME-hr

Sign UP!

Speaking of the Flower Show…share your time to make this year’s event even better! Click to view the opportunities: http://goo.gl/forms/6wnjMU0YGY


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Welcome Spring!


Winter, winter go away! Holy Trinity Episcopal Church has suffered the unfortunate bursting of pipes making it necessary to cancel our March 3 meeting. You will be notified IF the meeting is rescheduled, otherwise…see you in April! But wait…

Get your creative juices flowing!

Click on over to view the…Artistic Categories—2015 Ocean City Flower Show  http://wp.me/p31VME-hr

Sign UP!

Speaking of the Flower Show…share your time to make this year’s event even better! Click to view the opportunities: http://goo.gl/forms/6wnjMU0YGY



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Stay warm!