September—Catching UP!

Welcome Back!

The hall was filled with laughter and lots of smiles as The Garden Club of Ocean City members gathered for the first meeting of our new year. Allmembers

Members prepared delicious salads and the board provided scrumptious desserts…all this added to the party-like atmosphere!


After our delicious lunch, we were delighted to listen to Marie Murray—Preferred Travel—speak about the upcoming tour, The Gardens of Ireland Tour. Oh, if only we all could fly across the pond to visit these gardens!

The Little ShowLittleFlower

As our gardens begin to wane, our spirits were uplifted by the beautiful specimens in our Little Show. While Dahlias appeared to flourish this year, Kay Reilly and several members agreed…Roses had issues…beetles, small or no blooms…so sad. It seems the lack of rain contributed to the under-flowering of one the most beautiful flowers.

Speaking of lifting spirits…Denise Lindsay displayed a pot with little green leaves…Denise planted organic lemon seeds and violá…the little green leaves turned out to be an emerging lemon tree! With love and luck perhaps Denise will have many lemons to use and share!

FlowerShowtableFrom Lisianthus to Clematis to begonias, to a Rose of Sharon, to an ice plant, to a Dahlia, to wire grass the display gave us all a bit of inspiration.

And…who could not appreciate the unique vase Cheryl used to display this lovely flower?Cherylvase

Now a tradition in September, Angel Smith shared a sampling of the flowers and foliage from her garden. Angel acted as Vanna White to Kay’s reading of the names of her beautiful display. Thanks, Angel, for allowing us to Step into your garden!


If you click on the text above, you will be taken to a page where we can see (virtually) some of the beauty from our gardens. As the seasons change, it will be nice to view flowers in bloom. Coming up soon, we will delight in Cheryl Kelchner’s Night Blooming flower. After that, Angel’s garden tour will be posted. An update to Joanne Romano’s Candy Corn vine and other virtual trips will follow. If you have pictures of your garden and would like to share them, please contact Joanne.

The Virtual Ocean City Flower Show


At the end of the Little Show table was a computer with a slide show of pictures from the 2013 Ocean City Flower Show. Thanks to Cheryl Kelchner for taking these beautiful shots. If you weren’t able to attend and would like to view the pictures, just click: Ocean City Flower Show.

New member, Nancy Burke, expressed her appreciation for access to the flower pictures as she told Joanne Romano about her 92 year old mother who attended the flower show previously, but was unable to go this year. Not being there in person did not prohibit Nancy from sharing this year’s entries, though. Nancy said her mother always has her computer up and running! So, when Nancy visited her mother and after a few clicks on the computer, they were transported to the flower show…virtually! They spent an hour and a half delighting in the displays. So, take a tip from Nancy. If there is someone you know who was unable to attend this year’s Ocean City Flower Show, take them on a virtual visit! Thank you, Nancy, for sharing your story.

Welcome Our New Members

Nancy Burke

Gerri Cusato

Joan Kassarich

Christine McPartland

Nicolette Mirra

We are very glad you chose to join us!

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